Personal Essays

The Cost of Living Alone and Liking It, The Billfold

The Books That Remain, Post-Kondo, Book Riot

The Cost of Taking the Train Across Canada with a Bust of Shakespeare, The Billfold

How Do You Prepare for Change that Hasn’t Happened Yet, but Might?, The Billfold

Books and Culture

The New Adaptation of Sanditon Was Disappointing. Can We Please Have Another Season?, Book Riot

Women Have Always Loved Reading Thrillers — Just Ask the Victorians, Book Riot

A Song of White and Red: The Real History Behind Game of Thrones, Book Riot

No, Marie Kondo Doesn’t Want You to Throw Away All Your Books, Book Riot

In Defense of Little Women‘s Amy March, Book Riot

The Secret of the Teen Sleuth: Why Are Onscreen Versions of Nancy Drew So Unsatisfying?, Reel Honey

20 Years of You’ve Got Mail, Reel Honey

Life Advice from Victorian Novels, Book Riot

What Children’s Literature Teaches Us About Money: I Capture the Castle, The Billfold

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