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And one had to live

We’re done War and Peace! We finished ages ago, actually — two whole months. It took me about that long to get over my disappointment with the ending. It wasn’t where all the characters ended up; my reading group predicted everyone’s final couplings and fates very accurately (almost like we are a bunch of narrative-obsessedContinue reading “And one had to live”

Goals are meaningless

I set a reading goal every year. Mostly I do this because Goodreads prompts me to do it. For the past few years, I’ve set that goal at a just-out-of-reach-enough-to-feel-uncomfortable number, around 90 or 100. I’ve never made it to 100. I seem to naturally end up at around 85. Does it matter if IContinue reading “Goals are meaningless”

66 Unread Books to Go

Is it time to admit I have a problem? It may be time to admit I have a problem. I’ve struggled a lot with reading over the past 18 months of pandemic life (that’s a post for another day). But I have not slowed down on my book buying. No, on the contrary, I amContinue reading “66 Unread Books to Go”


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