Hi, I’m Kathleen. I’m an editor at Kids Can Press, an occasional bookseller at A Novel Spot, and sometimes a writer of things on the internet. As an editor, I’m interested in books that show me the world in a new way, whether that’s a unique picture book or non-fiction that takes a surprising (and funny!) angle on a familiar topic. I’ve edited books about dinosaurs, snot, sleep, and Gertrude Stein — as long as I get to learn something new, I’m happy.

I have an MA in English, with a focus on Victorian fiction, from the University of Victoria. (And there’s still nothing I love more than a long, juicy 19th-century novel.) I live in Toronto surrounded by cat hair and stacks of unread books (read more about my attempt to whittle those down). When I’m not reading, writing, or thinking about books in some way, I like to bake, practice yoga, plan future travels, and bother my cat.

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